A Book with Phyllis Tea

This delightful English style morning tea is our tea of the month of January! It has a delicate bergamot flavor that is complemented by flowery and citrus notes from lavender, lemon, orange, rose, and Jasmine. It tastes nice with milk and an excellent book.

This blend was developed in tribute to Phyllis, a friend’s mother who had a strong interest in literacy. Projects promoting literacy will receive a percentage of the earnings. This tea is also referred to as Lady Ashley Grey Tea.

Talking about the health benefits of the ingredients in this tea, we have lemon, which supports heart health, help control weight, and prevent kidney stones. Orange has a collagen production and promotes healthy cholesterol. Rose reduces anxiety, improves digestion, and soothes menstrual cramps. Jasmine helps to elevate the mood, ease tension, and lessen cravings for unhealthy foods.

Here’s the link to this amazing tea:

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