Drink Tea for Wells

Drink Som’s Chai Tea or Ginger Turmeric Tea to help build wells and provide clean drinking water in a remote village.

Drink Tea for Ukraine

Drink tea to help the Ukraine. We’ll share what our customers are doing to help with Ukrainian relief efforts.

Watermelon Oolong Spritzer

What do you get when you mix a barista, a sommelier, and a tea lover? Our customer’s favorite summer signature cocktail: watermelon oolong spritzer. Our team loved crossing drinks to make fun recipes: tea-cino’s, coffee smoothies, hops infused cold brews, etc. This idea was inspired by one of our vendors and a fellow sommelier. (Thank […]

Summer Iced Tea Lattes

We’ll teach you how to make a delicious summer iced tea latte with lots of different flavors.

Dr. Monique’s Tea

Two fabulous teas from Dr. Monique: Rooibos Maple Tea, and a custom blended herbal hibiscus tea from her garden.

Life Since Closing

Restaurant owner shares how they rebuilt after loosing their business during COVID-19.