Beginnings Blend Coffee

Our subscription coffee for the month of September is our Beginnings Blend. This blend, crafted
by our coffee roaster and sommelier, Lance, was the first single origin blend sold by Som’s Café. It was first added to our coffee lineup when we were located at the Cary Downtown Farmers Market. The blend has changed a bit over time but has always been a customer favorite.

The Origins of the Blend

The name Beginnings Blend came from the idea that someone needs to begin their day with a
great cup of coffee. The blend has been adjusted over the years, but has always featured our Mexican and Costa Rican coffees blended with a coffee from the South Pacific. Single origin Sumatra and Papua New Guinea have both been used over the years as they have a similar flavor profile of earthiness and subtle spice that is characteristic of coffee from the South Pacific. Our Ethiopia Limu Tega +Tula has also been incorporated into this blend when it is in season.

Flavor Profile

Beginnings Blend is a customer favorite because it appeals to lovers of both medium roasts and
dark roasts. The combination of our dark roasted Mexico Altura, light roasted Costa Rica Tarazzu and
medium roasted Sumatra or Papua New Guinea Kunjin result in a blend that is perfectly balanced. When I taste this coffee, I always get the earthiness of the Papua New Guinea blended with the subtle brightness and vegetal notes of the Costa Rica on the front, then get the dark roast flavor of the Mexico Altura on the back. None of these flavor notes outweighs the other, they just balance together perfectly. The ultimate goal in creating a blend is to create a ratio that features the unique flavor profile of each coffee while also creating its own unique flavor profile, where no single coffee outshines the others. Lance has accomplished this perfectly in Beginnings Blend.

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