Black and White Mocha Mudslide

Our coffee recipe for the month of June is a variation on a classic coffee-based cocktail, the
Mudslide. This recipe features our Som’s Café Mokka Java alongside white chocolate, Kahlúa and
Bailey’s Irish Cream. Instead of the traditional milk chocolate blended into the mudslide, I used white
chocolate to make it taste more like a white chocolate mocha and then added a drizzle of milk
chocolate into the serving glass. This is a perfect summer treat to serve at a party with friends.


  • 2oz Som’s Café Mokka Java (chilled)
  • 1oz Bailey’s Irish Cream
  • 1oz Kahlua
  • 1oz White Chocolate sauce or 3/4 cup white chocolate chips or pieces.
  • 2-3 scoops of Vanilla or White Chocolate ice cream.
  • Hershey’s Syrup for drizzle
  • Whipped Cream


This Black and White Mudslide recipe combines the delightful flavors of white chocolate and dark chocolate for a decadent and refreshing cocktail. While the original recipe calls for white chocolate sauce or ice cream, we’ll provide alternative options if they are not readily available. Get ready to indulge in this delicious beverage that is perfect for serving to friends and family.

For the white chocolate in this recipe, you have a few options. The white chocolate sauce used in coffee bars is ideal and can be found at specialty stores, grocery stores, or online. Another option is white chocolate ice cream, as long as it doesn’t have conflicting mix-ins. If those aren’t available, vanilla works well too. Alternatively, you can use white chocolate chips or baking disks. I personally used a white chocolate bar, chopped it into small pieces, and blended it into the drink. High-powered blenders work best for this.

  1. Add the first 5 ingredients to the blender pitcher and blend until smooth. I used two scoops of ice cream to make the mudslide a smooth consistency, but you can add a third scoop if you would like to make it thicker.
  2. Next, drizzle regular Hershey’s syrup around the inside of your serving glass to create the traditional presentation of a mudslide, and add the darker chocolate that makes this a Black and White Mudslide.
  3. Fill the glass with the blended mudslide up to about a half inch below the rim. Top with whipped cream and any topping of your choice, and serve. The first sip of this drink tastes just like a boozy white chocolate mocha, but as you sip on it and it melts, the Hershey’s syrup mixes into the glass, creating a black-and-white mocha flavor.

This cocktail was delicious and I would definitely make it again and would also serve it to friends and family.

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