Bottled Iced Teas and Coffees

We want to equip you to serve the best beverages with your best food for all of your holiday events. Not only do we have fresh roasted coffees and custom blended teas but now we make it easy for customers by bottling our coffees and teas. Right now it is only available for local pick up at Perkins Orchard in Durham or via email upon purchase. Here are some of the new items we’ve bottled up for your holiday season:

Iced Teas

We have bottled up gallon sized teas and 16 oz. bottles. The bottled teas can be purchased individually at Perkins Orchard or online for 6 bottles at a time. My favorite iced tea flavors for the holidays are Apple Medley, Cinnamon Plum, Black Currant Elderberry, and Cranberry Orange. We have all of these seasonal iced teas available but you can also write in a different tea of your choice in the comments. They are freshly brewed to order and must be ordered 5-7 days in advance.

Cold Brewed Coffee

We’ve also bottled up our customers favorite cold brew coffee. It will give you all the energy you need to get through the busy season. You can choose from plain, flavored, or decaf cold brew. There is gallon size or 16 oz. bottles. Individual bottles are available at Perkins Orchard, but you can get orders of 6 at a time on the website. We need 7 days to roast the coffee and for the 40 hour steep. It is worth the wait though!

Popping Boba Bottled Tea

Get specialty iced tea freshly brewed with Popping Boba in 16oz. bottle size . Popping Boba is little balls of juice at the bottom of the tea.  Individual bottles are for sale at Perkins Orchard. Web orders are for 6 bottles at a time. For local pick up only at Perkin’s Orchard or by contact with the owner via email after purchase. Tea is custom blended and brewed to order so it must be ordered 5-7 days in advance. We have lots of fun flavors to choose from. It would be a fun specialty drink for teenagers or children.

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