Caramel Apple Tea & Pecan Apple Tea: Easy Tea Blending

I love combining different tea flavors to make fun combinations. This month’s featured tea, Apple Medley, is a especially versatile. This tea is fabulous iced for a hot day, or hot with cinnamon and spice for a cold day. Below I will teach you several different ways to make this tea first as a Caramel Apple Tea and second as a Pecan Apple Tea.

Caramel Apple Tea



  1. One of the tricky things about tea blending is finding out the right balance between the two flavors where they both are highlighted. With this combination, the caramel flavor can easily overpower the apple. So I use 3 parts apple, to 1 part caramel. You can always experiment and adjust the ratio to your preference. For a 4 cup pot of tea I would use 3 tsp Apple Medley and 1 tsp Caramel Rooibos. For a single serving mug 16oz. mug I would use 0.5 tsp Caramel Rooibos and 1.5 tsp Apple Medley.
  2. You can also add a small pinch of Sea Salt or Kosher salt to make it a Salted Caramel Apple.
  3. It is also delicious as a Caramel Apple Latte. Follow this link to learn how to make it as a latte:

Pecan Apple Tea



  1. In this tea, the apple was prone to overpower the pecan, so the ratio is 3 parts Pecan Tart to 2 parts Apple Medley. For a tea pot I would use 3 tsp Pecan Tart and 2 tsp Apple Medley. For a 16 oz. mug, 1.25 tsp Pecan Tart, 1/2 tsp Apple Medley. You could also consider using the Apple Spice tea or just adding some cinnamon if you prefer a little bit of complexity and spice flavors.
  2. This tea is also really nice as a latte or with milk.

You can get all three of these flavors in our Fall Seasonal Pack:
The Fall Seasonal Pack has Pumpkin Chai, Maple Green, Caramel Rooibos, Apple Medley, and Pecan Tart.

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