Coconut Milk Tea

I am excited about the milk tea trend that is becoming popular. I love having frothy iced milk teas in the summer. One of my favorite summer milk teas is our Coconut Milk Tea. It reminds me of days on the beach and summer vacation. It’s like a vacation in your cup. I’m going to show you how to make it with easy to follow instructions at a fraction of the cost of buying one in a store.


You can order Island Coconut Tea online or locally in Durham at Perkins Orchard


  1. Create an iced tea concentrate by putting 2 tsp of tea per cup into your infuser. (To see more detailed instructions and a video to make a tea concentrate, see this blog ).
  2. Bring your filtered water to a full boil.
  3. Pour a little of the boiled water into a mug and swish it around to heat up the cup.
  4. Fill up your mug just 1/3 to 1/2 full to make a concentrated tea (we will add ice to cool it down after it steeps). Put the loose leaf tea into the water and cover with a saucer. Steep for four minutes with a timer.
  5. When four minutes are over squish the leaves with a spoon to get all of the tea flavor out of the leaves and into your drink.
  6. Fill your larger Iced Tea Cup up with ice.
  7. Pour in your steeped tea leaving a little bit of room for milk.
  8. Add any sweeteners of choice (optional).
  9. Fill it up with coconut milk. Note, I like to cut the coconut milk with a little almond milk to keep it from being too thick. I also like to keep a can of coconut milk on the shelf to have on hand when I want to have a Coconut Milk Tea.
  10. If it is in a cup with a lid like the mason jar, then close the lid and shake it up. If it is not then you can pour it in between two cups to get it nice and frothy.

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