Som’s Cold Brew Ice Cream Float

With the hottest days of summer now upon us, ice cream is the go-to treat for most people to enjoy on hot North Carolina summer days. July’s featured recipe puts a Som’s Café twist on a summer classic, the root beer float. Instead of root beer, our recipe calls for a float made with vanilla ice cream and our Som’s Café Signature Cold Brew.

You can find our Cold Brew coffee recipe in our previous post here: . We will also be selling our Som’s Cafe Signature Cold Brew and these cold brew ice cream floats for sale at our pop-up coffee shop at Perkin’s Orchard in Durham on Saturday, July 31st. Follow us on Facebook @SomsCafeRDU and Instagram @Soms_Cafe to get more information about times for this pop-up sale event.

Som’s Signature Cold Brew Float


  • Som’s Cafe Cold Brew
  • Ice Cream of Choice
  • Various Flavors and Syrups of Choice


  1. Scoop vanilla Ice cream into a glass of whatever size you choose.
  2. Fill your glass to the top with Som’s Signature Cold Brew and enjoy.
  3. Below are some other fun ideas to customize this drink and make it even more decadent:

Other Creative Ideas

  • Instead of vanilla ice cream, try other flavors like Irish Cream, Chocolate, Vanilla Caramel Swirl, or any other flavor you think would pair well with coffee.
  • Use vanilla ice cream and top with chocolate or caramel sauce, or swirl the sauce inside the glass before you fill it.
  • Top the float with whipped cream and other ice cream toppings of your choice. 
  •  Add your favorite coffee flavoring syrup like hazelnut or caramel to the cold brew.
  • Add a splash of Bailey’s Irish Cream or your favorite coffee liquor to create a fun summer cocktail.  

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