Drink Tea for Wells

Can you imagine giving your children dirty water?

This was the water source for a village in Pakistan before the Water Well Project brought clean water.

1 in 3 people worldwide do not have access to safe drinking water (UNICEF, World Health Organization). Many spend hours per day walking to get water that often carries diseases. My pastor and friend, Ron Lewis, has been working closely with local leaders in Pakistan and Nepal to help relieve this crisis by building wells. To date they have installed 235 wells to bring clean drinking water to entire villages that had no access to clean drinking water. Each well costs $500. Read about the water well project here:

When we had the coffee shop our customers donated enough for us to purchase a well. We closed shortly after we received the picture below and never got to share it with our customers. Now we have decided to relaunch the water project through sales of our Som’s Chai Tea and Ginger Turmeric Teas. Chai and turmeric teas are some of the most common teas in Pakistan.

Let’s build another well! $5 from each tea sold will go towards a well. That’s 100 teas. Let’s Do It!

These are before and after pictures from Pastor Ron’s Water Well Project.

Purchase Teas Here:

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