Pouring tea from vintage teapot to the cup, English Tea Time.

Summary Instructions to Make Tea

How to make a Delicious Cup of Tea

1. Use filtered tap water or spring water. 

2. Heat the water to the right temperature:  See the correct temperatures below. If you do not have a thermometer, here is an approximate guide:

For white and green pour the water right after it begins bubbling, for oolong pour the water after it has been bubbling for a while but isn’t yet boiling, for black, herbal, rooibos, & pu-erh pour the water just after it hits full boil.

3. Get the proper amount of tea: 1tsp/8oz.  More for stronger tea, or less to your preference.

4. Heat up your vessel.  When the water is at full temperature pour a little into the cup or pot and swish it around then pour it out.  This keeps the temperature level constant so that the tea steeps properly.

5. Steep Covered for the right amount of time by covering the cup with a saucer or the tea pot with the lid and steep for the times below.

6. Squeeze the tea bag to extract the flavor. If it is in a tea strainer, just stir the leaves a little with a spoon.

7. Keep your pot warm by using a tea light and the tea warmer. 

8.  Can drink it straight or use sweetener, milk, or fruit to enhance the flavor.

For more detailed instructions, see the blog post:

How to Make Delicious, Cafe Quality Tea from Home

For a video demonstration for these steps, see below:

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