Coffee Highlight: Mokka Java

Our featured coffee for the month of May is our darkest and most versatile offering, Som’s Café Mokka Java. This coffee is one of my personal favorites in our selection because it is delicious and can be used in so many different ways. Let’s start with the flavor profile.  Som’s Mokka Java is full bodied and slightly earthy, with notes of chocolate and berries.

While this is our darkest roast, it features a very subtle roastiness that weaves into the complexity of the coffee’s flavor profile rather than overpowering the other flavor notes. In my experience, this unique flavor profile has made Mokka Java fantastic no matter what brewing method I have used to brew it. I call this our most versatile coffee because it can be brewed and served in so many different ways while maintaining its signature flavor profile.

This is a perfect blend to use for brewing espresso at home in a Mokka Pot or an espresso machine. The darkness of the roast is comparable to an espresso roast while the chocolatey flavor profile makes it more well balanced and sweet than traditional espresso. I often enjoy this coffee at home first thing in the morning brewed in my drip coffee maker, but using a French press, a pour over or a Chemex would make the flavors pop even more.

When we decided to make traditional Turkish coffee in an Ibrik for our annual Nutcracker Tea, Mokka Java was the obvious choice. This brewing method was new to me and it brought out the roastiness in the coffee more than other methods, but the Mokka Java still maintained its chocolatey notes in the background. The flavor profile of any coffee can be enhanced and featured by finding the brewing method that best brings out the coffee’s uniqueness. A lot of coffees taste great using one brewing method but fall flat when another brewing method is tried. But Som’s Mokka Java is delicious using any brewing method. Some flavors pop more than others depending on which brewing method is used, but it is always a treat.  

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