More Than Words

More Than Words

It is hard to have the appropriate words to express our deep sorrow over the state of race relations in America.  We have been wondering what we can do, more than just words, to make a difference.  That made me extremely excited when I read a FB post from our friend Kevin Rowsey about their beautification project in the government housing community in Durham.  Kevin is the director of The Life Center in Durham which “exists to benefit the lives of children and families living in low-income environments through after school academic programs, teen leadership clubs and parental guidance programs” (

I love that The Life Center is providing real solutions to the systemic issues of poverty in Durham.  Our personal history with this organization goes back 25 years and we have become family with multiple people whose lives have been transformed through The Life Center.  We are so thankful for the leadership of Mr. Rowsey.  He is exactly the type of leader our nation needs in this hour: a man of character and an exemplary husband, father, educator, visionary, and community leader who is also African-American.  We are so thankful for his work to bring long-term solutions to the root issues plaguing our own city.


They are doing part two of a long term beautification project where the residents themselves are power washing the homes and planting trees, flowers, and plants.  We want to do our own small part to help them bring pride, dignity, and beauty into their community by raising money to purchase plants from a local Durham garden store.  Will you round up the change from your order to help raise at least $500?  We will also take donations of native plants,  quality trees, shrubs, and large flower pots.  To donate directly to them go to

Below is a picture of an earlier beautification project of The Life Center in the same neighborhood.  I can’t wait to see their homes looking lush and beautiful.

Ashley Odvody

Som’s Cafe Managing Partner & Tea Program Director

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