Back by popular demand our featured coffee for the month of April is Peru Junin Organic. Peruvian coffee typically features tasting notes similar to other Latin American coffees, with notes of chocolate and nuts, but with a more medium body due to the high level of nutrients in Peru’s soil. Our Peru is harvested at over 1200 meters elevation, and features dominant notes of cocoa powder and red berries with hints of nuts and citrus. 

Coffee production in Peru began in the 19th century, in the coastal area of Pacasmayo,  exclusively for domestic consumption. By the late 19th century, coffee had become an export crop due in part to the expansion of Peru’s Central Railway. The new railroad expansion connected the coffee farms along the southern coastal regions and the central Andean valleys. Today, the three main coffee growing regions of Peru are Chanchamayo, the Amazonas and San Martin regions in the eastern Andes and the southern highlands St Ignacio, close to the Ecuadorian border.   

In the early 1900’s, England was given 2 million hectares of coffee growing land in Peru as payment for a defaulted loan. As a result, England became one of the major importers of Peruvian coffee until it was forced to sell their land in Peru after World War 2. In the last two decades, Peru has become one of the leading producers of fair-trade coffee in the world. This is due to co-ops of small farms throughout the country organizing for fair pay and safe working conditions, especially in the high elevations of the Andes growing region harvesting coffee can be more dangerous for workers. Peru is also a leading producer of organic coffee and they export more organic coffee than non-organic. 

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