Assorted Tea Box


24 individual tea bags of assorted favorite flavors
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This is a variety pack of favorite flavor teas that you could enjoy yourself or serve guests that come to your home or business.  We have created a home tea box by upcycling beautiful cigar boxes and filling them with a variety of individually wrapped single serve tea bags.  It will include 2 tea bags each of the following flavors plus a few extras:


Decaf Teas: Thai Lemon Ginger, Sleep Well (Echinacea, Camomile, Mint, & Lavender), Durham Garden Bouquet (Hibiscus, Mint, Lime leaves, Lemon Verbena)

Green Teas: Pomegranate Green Tea, Strawberry Green

Traditional English Style: Carolina Breakfast, Lady Ashley Grey

Customer Favorites: Som’s Chai, Ginger Peach

Seasonal Favorites: for Spring Cherry Rose, Raspberry Lemon Verbena




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