Tanzania Iyenga Peaberry

Our featured coffee for the month of October is Tanzania Iyenga Peaberry. This new offering features coffee contributed by three different co-ops in southern Tanzania. This coffee is named after one of its contributors, the Iyenga co-op. The Iyenga co-op won 1st place in the 2018/19 Tanzania Coffee Board, Taste of Harvest Competition. Since their start in 2014, Iyenga co-op has become a supplier of specialty coffee to buyers all over the world. 

What is Peaberry Coffee?

A Peaberry is a natural occurring mutation of the coffee bean while it is still inside the coffee cherry. A regular coffee bean is longer and flat on one side, but a peaberry is smaller, rounder than other coffee beans. Peaberries account for about 5% of coffee grown worldwide, which makes peaberry coffee a truly unique offering.  Coffee harvesters have to hand pick the peaberries out of their whole harvest of coffee beans. They then set the peaberries aside to be sold separately to roasters as a premium coffee. 

Peaberry on the left, regular coffee bean on the right.

Flavor Profile

Peaberry coffee is often known to have a sweeter, denser or brighter flavor profile than regular coffee. Tanzania Iyenga Peaberry features a heavy body and medium acidity, with notes of dark chocolate, brown sugar, tropical fruit and black tea. 

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