Vanilla Spice Latte

For our November coffee recipe, I wanted to try something different than the predictable pumpkin spice latte. While pumpkin spice has its place, there are so many other delicious flavor options for fall beverages. The recipe that we are featuring for November is a new creation, the Vanilla Spice Latte. The combination of vanilla with nutmeg and cinnamon makes this drink taste kind of like a sugar cookie combined with a snickerdoodle cookie. It is the perfect treat to serve to holiday guests or to enjoy on a chilly fall morning.



  1. Make espresso. If you need instructions to learn how to make an espresso here`s the link:
  2. Add a generous dash of cinnamon and nutmeg to the milk before steaming and frothing it. This will infuse the milk with the spice flavor while ensuring that there are no clumps of spice in the milk.
  3. In a 16oz cup, combine 1oz vanilla and 2oz brewed espresso and stir.
  4. Fill the cup with the spice infused steamed milk up to about 1/2 inch below the rim of the cup while holding back any foam with a large spoon as you pour.
  5. Stir the latte once more to make sure the espresso, vanilla and spices are incorporated into the milk.
  6. Top the latte with a dollop of foam and a light dash of both cinnamon and nutmeg and then serve.

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