Watermelon Oolong Spritzer

What do you get when you mix a barista, a sommelier, and a tea lover? Our customer’s favorite summer signature cocktail: watermelon oolong spritzer. Our team loved crossing drinks to make fun recipes: tea-cino’s, coffee smoothies, hops infused cold brews, etc. This idea was inspired by one of our vendors and a fellow sommelier. (Thank you, Annabel Our customer’s loved it for Saturday brunch and now you can make it at home by following the recipe below.



  1. Start by making a tea concentrate. The first and easiest way is to cold brew 2tsp of tea in 1 cup of filtered water overnight in the fridge (12-24 hours). If you need it quicker, then bring 1/2 cup of filtered water to 190°F (look for medium size bubbles on the bottom of your pot before a full boil if you don’t have a thermometer), then steep 2 tsp of watermelon oolong tea in the hot water covered for 3-5 minutes. Squeeze the tea leaves to extract the flavor, then add 1/2-3/4 cup of ice to cool it down.
  2. Leaving some room at the top, fill your glass 3/4 with sparkling dry white wine, and 1/4 with watermelon oolong. Adjust to your preference.

Need a signature cocktail? With our coffees and teas we love coming up with fun beverages for your next event. Contact for more information.

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