White Chocolate Peppermint Tea Latte

After all of the holiday celebrations this white chocolate peppermint tea has been very soothing. The peppermint is not too strong but enough to calm a tummy that has had too many treats the past few weeks, and the white chocolate taste of the tea is from all natural cocoa and herbs so it has a clean and healthy feel with a mellow white chocolate flavor but no added sugar. It is half caff, so enough to give a little boost without a lot of added caffeine.

This tea also makes a nice latte that is comforting and also good for you, or you can make it more like a treat by adding some white chocolate syrup or a piece of white chocolate candy from the holidays. However you want to drink it, it is delicious. This is also a healthy alternative to hot chocolate for my children.


This Snowman White Chocolate Peppermint Tea is a blend of black and rooibos tea with subtle white chocolate and peppermint flavor that comes from real cocoa beans and healthy herbs like peppermint, moringa, and sarsaparilla. It is also organic compliant. For more information, or to order click here:


  1. Bring filtered or spring water to a full boil.
  2. Measure loose leaf tea and put it in your infuser. For lattes we use a concentrated amount of tea: 1.5-2tsp./8oz. For a standard 14-16 oz. mug I use 3 tsp of tea.
  3. Heat up your milk on medium heat for @ 5 minutes or until it reaches 140°F (usually right after it starts steaming & the first small bubbles appear).
  4. When the water comes to temperature, pour a little of it into your cup and swirl it around, then pour it out to heat up your mug. (For more detailed information or to see a demonstration video, follow this link:
  5. Fill up your cup 1/3 full with water, put in your tea, and cover the cup with a saucer to steep for 4 minutes (see image below).
  6. Once your milk has come to temperature, use a stick blender or whisk to froth the milk and set it aside (see image below).
  7. When the tea has finished steeping, use a spoon to squish the leaves and dump out your tea leaves.
  8. If you would like any sweetener, add it to the tea and stir.
  9. Pour the steamed milk to fill your mug, leaving a little room to scoop some foam on top.
  10. Enjoy it as is or add sweetener of choice.
  11. If you would like a more decadent treat, you can add some white chocolate syrup or melt some white chocolate chips or white chocolate candy pieces in the tea.
  1. Fill cup 1/3 full with water. 2. Steep tea covered. 3. Use a stick blender or whisk to froth the milk.

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