Nicaragua Café de Nueva Segovia

Our featured coffee for June is a new offering, Nicaragua Café de Nueva Segovia. This coffee has a flavor profile that is unique among Latin American coffees. Grown in the Nueva Segovia region near the border of Nicaragua and Honduras, this coffee has a flavor profile that is unique among Latin American coffees.

Flavor Profile

Nicaragua Café de Nueva Segovia has a full body more characteristic of Indonesian coffees, with notes of macadamia, hazelnut, tarragon, and a clean and subtle citrus finish. It also has a creamy aroma that is similar to the creamy notes typically associated with Honduran coffee. I enjoyed sampling this coffee because it has such a complex flavor profile that surprised me. If you enjoy interesting coffees that feature multiple layers of flavor, aroma, body, and acidity, this is going to be your new favorite coffee.

Coffee Production in Nicaragua

Coffee has been Nicaragua’s main export crop since the 1890s and today about 15 percent of the population of Nicaragua works in the coffee industry in some way. Nicaragua has 10 different coffee-growing regions, with Matagalpa and Jinotega historically being the most prominent. However, the Nueva Segovia region regularly produces coffees that perform very well in the Cup of Excellence competition.

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