Coffee Notes

Papua New Guinea Kunjin

This single origin coffee is our best-selling medium roast and an employee favorite due to the beautiful harmony of savory, vegetal notes, with a mildly sweet finish.

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Drink Tea for Wells

Drink Som’s Chai Tea or Ginger Turmeric Tea to help build wells and provide clean drinking water in a remote village.

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Tanzania Iyenga Peaberry

Our featured coffee for the month of October is Tanzania Iyenga Peaberry. This new offering features coffee contributed by three different co-ops in southern Tanzania.

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The In-Between Time

Part 2 of the beginning of our business. We felt stuck with our dreams on hold. I’m so glad we didn’t give up in the hard times.

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More Than Words

We have to do something as a business about the state of race in America, but what? We were excited about an opportunity to do something to impact our city, more than just words.

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Coffee & Depression Study

Nick Brown | May 27, 2020 A new white paper commissioned by the National Coffee Association of the United States suggests that coffee drinkers are

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